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How Natural Energy Healing Techniques can Help During Pregnancy

The nine months you spent in your mother’s womb were not just a period of time, but rather a crucial preparation for the journey of life ahead. 

These months hold incredible significance as they create a deep bond between a mother and her baby. During this time, both of you share essential elements like air, water, and food, fostering a connection that goes beyond the physical. Emotions and feelings are also intertwined, making this a truly unique and intimate experience. 

It’s important to recognize that we enter this world with a genetic blueprint passed down from our ancestors. This inheritance encompasses not only physical traits but also behaviors and emotions that shape who we are. Our goal is to make this time a cherished memory for both you and your baby. After all, this period is an opportunity to establish a strong foundation for a lifetime of growth and development. 

Natural Energetic Healing Therapies for Common Side Effects of Pregnancy 

At AG Health and Wellness, we provide natural and energetic healing therapies that help with the common health challenges and side effects that often arise during pregnancy. Our approach involves non-invasive techniques that offer a range of benefits to expectant mothers and babies. 

Reflexology for supporting the pregnancy journey

Having regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy may benefit mum and baby in many ways. 

Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Having frequent reflexology treatments will help the mother to release physical and mental stress, back pain, and spine pain, due to weight gain. 
  • The therapy will affect simultaneously the baby in a positive way, giving him a sensation of peacefulness and relaxation as the therapy works through the nervous system, this will create a strong bond between the mother and the baby. 
  • Towards the end of the pregnancy, due to the heaviness of the mum’s body, her ankles and feet will start to swell, producing more discomfort to her, especially for the last 2 months. Reflexology is an excellent technique to keep those ankles, feet, and legs in a normal state until de last day of the pregnancy.
  • Sciatic nerve pain can be a problem for some pregnant women, especially because of body weight towards the end of the pregnancy. Reflexology treatments can be a great solution to reduce the pain, as the doctor will be unable to prescribe pain killers during the pregnancy to alleviate the pain.

Emotion Code and Body Code for Emotional Wellbeing and Body Parts Balance 

Do you know that many of our emotions were established before we were born? We were sensitive to the feelings our parents were experiencing during our gestational period. These feelings often caused us to establish incorrect perceptions and beliefs at the time they were being experienced. The parents’ attitudes during the pregnancy toward the baby and each other impact the baby, both physically and emotionally.  

We can inherit emotions from our ancestors – from mum’s side or dad’s side – or “trap” (absorb the energy) during pregnancy. With Emotion Code we can identify, and release trapped emotions for mum and dad and stop them being passed to the baby.  

Body Code can be used throughout pregnancy to release other negative energies, toxins, and pathogens that the baby absorbs from mum in the womb. Misalignments that the baby had early on can also be corrected.  

Body Code and morning sickness during pregnancy

Morning Sickness hyperemesis gravidarum natural therapies

Having morning sickness symptoms is “normal” and most of the time is temporal. Nevertheless, in many cases these symptoms are severe and persist during the whole pregnancy (also known as hyperemesis gravidarum – excessive nausea and vomiting during pregnancy) 

This is not “normal”, and unpleasant for mum and the baby, this condition can be physically challenging but emotionally so too. Remember any discomfort for mum may impact the comfort of the baby.  

It was Dr Nelson Bradley himself who found the way to help his wife to relieve that severe condition, as he describes in the Body Code book, page 224: 

What I found was the brain is sometimes not initially connected with this new life that is growing within. Essentially, the brain bas to be connected energetically with the fetus, with the umbilical cord, with the amniotic fluid (the fluid that the baby floats in), and the placenta (the lining of the uterus that connects the baby to the mother). Until the brain is connected with these four different parts, there will be morning sickness. The moment that the connection is made between these parts and the brain, the morning sickness disappears, usually instantly.

Using the Body Code system, those connections can be checked and the connection reset. The reason for the disconnection can be also found and decoded (resolved). It may be a trapped emotion that can easily be found and released. 

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