Adriana Gomez Emotion Code , Biomagnetism, Reflexology Therapist Auckland

About AG

Adriana Gomez is a well-known therapist in the field of alternative therapies in Auckland, New Zealand. As a Reflexologist for more than 25 years, Adriana has been working in her own business helping corporate and private clients to keep in good health and reduce their stress.

“I’ve helped people just like you for over 25 years. I focus on alternative therapies to help bring your body into balance and recover your health in a natural and effective way.”

Adriana is an Internationally Certified Reflexologist (IIR, MRNZ) and has over 25 years practical experience. Initially embracing this technique as a hobby, helping friends and relatives. After obtaining a diploma issued by the International Institute of Reflexology, she became a full-time practitioner.

“I find it extremely rewarding seeing my clients recover from chronic and nasty symptoms. Improving lifestyles thanks to the therapies I use is something I will never grow tired of.”

To complement her Reflexology practice and to provide different alternatives for her clients, Adriana decided to study a new therapy – The Biomagnetic Pair. This technique has been well established in Latin American countries for over 40 years with amazing results. Adriana travelled to Mexico to study with its discoverer, Dr Isaac Goiz Duran, and is now certified in Level 1 and Level 2 by the Centre of Investigation for Medical Biomagnestism (CIBM).

Adriana is also a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner which enables her clients to rid themselves of trapped emotions. Her certification was with Discover Healing under the direction of Dr Bradley Nelson. This is a new therapy offered by AG Health and Wellness and is already revitalising and restoring wellbeing to her clients.