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Remote Energy Healing Sessions

Armstrong’s first step onto the lunar surface was broadcast on live TV to a worldwide audience. I remember like yesterday watching in my small and bulky – black and white screen – tv set. It was incredible and unforgettable. On average, the Moon is located at around 384,400 kilometres / 238,855 miles away from Earth in case you wonder. 

That’s a long-distance journey and we made it safe, were able to come back and we watched it live!

I was still a child and opened my mind to look at the possibilities of what we can conceive and achieve if we put our minds to it.

Fast forwarding 50 years later, I’m here talking about another marvellous, mind-blowing discovery: Distance Energy Healing.

Your Energy Healing Journey Does Not Depend On Your Location

Distant healing (DH) techniques are defined as acts of conscious intent, wish, or focus, dedicated to improving the health or well-being of another person who is far away. 

Although distance healing has not been incorporated into Western medicine, it has been practised both in ancient and in modern times by those who practise Qigong, Gung-Fu, Reiki, and other widely known and respected techniques. 

AG Health and Wellness team is based in Auckland New Zealand, no matter where you are based you will have the option to be treated remotely by experienced certified practitioners 

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What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing is essentially a way to ask our subconscious questions and to receive answers about what the body needs. Muscle testing was derived from kinesiology, in which muscles are observed for a response to stimuli. It is used as a biofeedback mechanism and can identify stressors in and around the body.

Muscle Testing Remote Healing Therapy

The main premise of the practice when used in energy healing, is that the body will experience changes in energy associated with various ideas. We believe the body will express that energy in measurably different ways if the answer to a question is affirmative or negative. Based on these energetic changes and reactions, muscle testing allows us to gain important information about our wellness needs.

Your subconscious mind stores knowledge about your previous experiences, memories, beliefs, and so much more. We believe that it knows exactly what is going on physically and emotionally, and by accessing that information, you can learn a lot about what you need for optimum wellness.

Surrogate Testing and Distance Healing by Proxy

Surrogate and proxy testing are both powerful tools that can be used to effectively work remotely on subjects, regardless of whether a person or animal is right in front of us or thousands of miles away.

Surrogate testing

Surrogate testing is the answer in any situation where a person or animal is present physically but is not testable.

Reasons that someone may be untestable include the following:

  • Age
  • Physical limitations
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Inability to reason due to intellectual disability
  • Being an animal.

To use surrogate testing, the subject must be within six feet of the surrogate. The subject may not be testable for any reason, but we can still get answers from their subconscious mind. To get answers, we can use two different approaches:

Self-testing, acting as both the surrogate and the tester

Asking a third person to act as the surrogate.

Proxy Testing

When someone has been given authority to act for someone else, we commonly refer to the authorized person as a proxy. A proxy is someone who acts as a substitute. In proxy testing, the proxy temporarily “becomes” the person being tested.

Proxy testing is most useful when you want to help someone who is not near you (more than six feet away) or who is inaccessible for some reason. When you treat someone at a distance, either with Bigomagnetic Pair, Emotion or Body Code, it is a form of remote or distance healing.

We are convinced of the effectiveness of remote healing sessions and have witnessed a lot of distance healing cases, many of them documented as testimonies on our website and our Google My Business profile. Check them out.

Jorge Aristizabal 

 Emotion & Body Code Certified Practitioner 


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